Reports and Documents


UN pdf files:

UN Treaties, Protocols & Conventions


EU pdf file:
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights


A.C. pdf file:
Armenian Genocide: Legal Opinion  Also available in Armenian


Frontiers of Europe: Union of Cultures within a Civilisation  Also available in Portuguese
Strategic Europe
Progressive Europe: Shields of Europe
European Cultural Frontiers: Endangered Zones
Armenia & Europe: Cartographic Perspectives
International Treaties: Legal and Political
Genocide Bibliography  Also available in Armenian  Also available in Portuguese
Paris Peace Conference: Overview  Also available in Portuguese
The Future of European Integration
European Union: Integral Frontiers
European Defence Community  Also available in Portuguese
Greater Europe
European Security Integration
Rights and Values
Political Europe
European Civilisation
Obersalzberg Speech  Also available in Armenian  Also available in Portuguese
International Girl Child Day  Also available in Portuguese
Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
Frontiers of Civilisations
Christianity and Governance  Also available in Armenian